Meet Magento UK 2011

It’s now exactly 3 weeks ago since I was making my way home from the first Meet Magento UK conference in London, testament to the busy few weeks I’ve had since, but with a few loose ends now tied up it’s finally time for some reflection on my first Magento conference.

It’s fair to say that I started the day with an air of apprehension; I’d come down to London on my own and it was chucking it down as I trudged across to the conference hall after getting up at a time I’d quite frankly not seen for a while.

The Presentations

After finally getting around to typing up my scrawls from the big day I’ve ended up with 3 solid pages of notes, very much in short form and each and every one of importance – for me that has been the summary of how successful this conference was for me personally. The range of content and the value of the information was incredible at times, here’s a quick taste of what I’ve got.

  • eCommerce Statistics – Just in case you needed to gee up your clients about why exactly eCommerce should be important to them.
  • xCommerce – Clarification on what it is exactly and how it intends to develop.
  • Personalised Shopping Experiences – Its potential to drive sales and just how it can be put to work.
  • Magento Server Optimisation – Who doesn’t need to know about this?
  • Loyalty Programmes – Generally discussing how it impacts NPS scores.
  • Magento Best Practices – A great overview and had something for everyone.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment – Fantastic insight into how this section of your visitors behave and why.

As you can see, the notes I made were across a broad range of topics and represent what I found to be the most useful of the topics discussed. There were a couple more, one covered multi-store setups which I’ve a good handle on so didn’t discuss anything I wasn’t already familiar with and another on the future of cloud hosting.

The People

Given how highly I’ve rated the content I’d rate the people even higher, from those involved at the very top echelons of Magento to the small scale merchants and developers just entering the crazy world the Meet Magento UK 2011 conference completely surpassed my expectations in terms of how approachable and friendly the whole scene is.

I only have myself to blame on discovering this so late in my 2-3 year Magento career so far, being busy has generally been my excuses thus far, but I’ve since thrown that one out of the window – it’d be folly not to get involved now. So whilst I’m at it, a quick shout out to Tom and Nick at Meanbee, Tracy, Gillian and Deryck from Future Clients and Luke from Develodesign. Thanks for a fun 24 hours guys and gals!

The After Party

Take a selection of talented eCommerce industry experts, put them in a bar, in an arcade – and then give them drinks vouchers and turn all of the games to free-play. You know those adverts on TV about planning your funeral in advance? I think I’ve got mine sorted out now. All of this basically resulted in making a typically shy demographic that ever so slightly more talkative and made for a great night in general.

The Conference Overall?

In a word, fantastic. I’m already planning to attend again next yearand looking out for any similar conferences on the go in the meanwhile. From the actual content of the presentations, to the great people making up the community at large everything was incredibly well put together. I’m super pleased that I went, I even got that carried away by the end of the day that I ended up asking a question about HTML5!

2 Responses to Meet Magento UK 2011
  1. Danny Reply

    Is that you in the picture? what were you asking?!

    • Michael Lomas Reply

      Of course it’s me! Don’t recognise me in a shirt? 🙂

      I asked if a default HTML5 theme was planned, and it is! Not a huge help in the short term, but it’s nice to know they’re moving things along. I’d imagine it’ll probably feature with the release of Magento 2 which uses jQuery as well.

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